So much of Positions and Elementarie wanders all over the place, repeats itself, over elaborates and strays off topic that it makes for laborious reading; but if you boil it down to some big ideas it is simply amazing to me how prescient and forward thinking he was, and how oracular a voice he could have even today.  So for now, this post is that distillation of the ideas that most stood out for me. Click Here for the PDF: About Richard Mulcaster

(Redacted from Elementarie, for clarity)

START WITH NATURAL ABILITIES:   I call those natural abilities which nature plants in our minds and bodies for our use, but to be perfected by our own selves for our best use.  For example: nature plants in the hand the ability to catch and hold, but to use that ability to best effect our policy must be to practice.  Nature plants in our mind the ability to foresee such things as may be to come, which to be most profitable to us must be employed with our own wisdom and consideration.  Therefore we ourselves cause our own want if we do not endeavor to further that which the goodness of nature (nay the goodness of God of his own mere gift) does bestow upon us.


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