Here are a few images sent to me by readers enjoying my book, “Lessons From Shakespeare’s classroom: Empowering Learning Through Drama and Rhetoric.”

I’m so delighted to see them! The first is from Scott Newstok, whose book, “How to Think Like Shakespeare: Lessons From a Renaissance Education,” was an inspiration for mine and the subject of a post from a few years ago. I consider it a companion book and another totally absorbing and informative read. The book’s setting, in a box of legos, is a humorous nod to my last chapter, the one on the research: “The Lego Snap of Learning.”

The second picture is from Megan Mathews, one of the most brilliant students I’ve ever had. I’m still so impressed by her and am grateful that she has remained a friend all these years

The third is from Barrie Grenell, one of my oldest friends from childhood and a seasoned editor who pointed out two errors in mine (grrr!), but nevertheless enjoyed it immensely.

I didn’t ask for the pictures. I guess they just know me and knew I would love getting them.

I love my readers!

“Lessons From Shakespeare’s Classroom” is available from Routledge Publishers.