This is the second of three interviews about my book, “Lessons From Shakespeare’s Classroom: Empowering Learning Through Drama and Rhetoric.” Again, the series “Slow Talk” is well named. I have to apologize constantly because this old lady can’t get words out at the speed she used to, but it was a fun conversation, covering the study of rhetoric as the powerful expression of ideas: style being the vehicle of substance. Next week I’ll post the final interview which wraps it all up.

I’m about to start the final phase of the preparation for publication: indexing! Apparently the galleys are next, and soon we’ll have a publication date. Stay tuned.

My son has been doing long-form interviews with local politicians and activists, and he asked to interview me about my book. His platform is called “Slow Talk with Dov Rudnick”, and they are indeed slow (we’re both pretty slow talkers) but hopefully interesting. He’s done three of them with me, and this is the first. I’ll post the others in the weeks to come. If you have the time, there’s a lot of information here about “Lessons From Shakespeare’s Classroom: Empowering Learning Through Drama and Rhetoric,” soon to be published by Routledge Press.

Pictured here as scrappy Ohio children in the 50s are myself (pre-braces), my kid brother John (pre-stardom), and my big brother David (pre-many adventures). My pageboy haircut was because this was taken the year that David and I played the hapless royal boys murdered in the tower in Richard III. It was the first year of the Antioch Shakespeare Festival, the year my dad produced eight of the chronicles, from King John to Henry VIII. I turned eight that summer.

I’m in the final stages with Routledge, finishing the editing and ready to embark on the indexing. The publication date will be in 2023. I’m Very excited!