My book is finally coming out and can be pre-ordered as of December 9. I’m so pleased and excited! The release date will be after December 30, so not quite in time for the holidays, but it will be a great gift for the new year. It’s a fun and informative read for educators and parents who are passionate about empowering learning through the inclusion of the performing arts in every aspect of schooling.

My brother John Lithgow did the art work for the cover and a drawing for each chapter. The project was a family affair.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the Routledge Publishing. The whole process has been a joy, from the enthusiasm of their first readers to the support from their editors all along the way. Every first time author should be so lucky!

This book will contribute to the vibrant conversation among educators about renewing arts-rich curriculum in our schools. Follow the link here to order your own copy and share with others.


















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  1. Lia Rudnick
    Lia Rudnick says:

    I am so looking forward to reading your book! Listening to you in the interviews with Dov was an educational experience for me. I’ve always known you were a Shakespeare expert but I never understood until now that you are a true scholar. Congratulations on this fantastic achievement!

  2. Robert D. Shepherd
    Robert D. Shepherd says:

    So excited about this!!! Congrats, Robin, O brilliant one! And great success to your work!

    Erasmus’s Cockles says, “Books are the pleasantest companions in the world.” I suspect that he was thinking of books like this one from Robin Lithgow.


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