It’s here! My book, “Lessons From Shakespeare’s Classroom: Empowering Learning Through Drama and Rhetoric” was released a week early, and I already have a great comment to share from an early reader. Ginger Culver, an artist from Seattle and a friend of my daughter, read it right away and had this to say:

“After Ukraine’s President Zelensky addressed Congress the other night, the news media people were all marveling at how he —’just an actor’—turns out to be such an amazing president. I think your mom’s book explains why. It’s what people never understand about artists: that we do not just study our craft, we study the world—through our craft!”

I couldn’t have said it better and am so delighted that this was her take-away.

Be sure in the new year to celebrate the artists in your lives and in yourselves!


If you’re eager to read the book yourself you can order it here:

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